david hasselhoff Malicious Gossip for Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Hoff…back on TV!

Read on!

Fresh Malicious Gossip from the Jim & Kim morning show…

David Hasselhoff has headed back to his old stomping grounds this week, by guest starring on the “The Young and The Restless,” as “Dr. William Snapper Young,” a role he made famous years ago. He admitted that things are tough on the set –they no longer supply cue cards and the director allows one take to get it right!

(His biggest disappointment was discovering they don’t use real alcohol on the set anymore.)

SPENCER PRATT has gone off the deep end. Now that wife Heidi Pratt has left him, Star magazine reports that Spence was seen jogging in a full military get-up in Malibu.

(Looking for terrorists…and a new wife to exploit.)

And finally, new reports claim that Warren Beatty & Annette Bening’s 18 year old daughter is getting a sex change. Sources claim that Beatty is “devastated” & “stunned” over his daughter’s decision to turn herself into a man. His daughter is currently living as a young man  & even started a Facebook page, identifying herself as a man. The Beatty family have not yet made any comment.

(Wait till he finds out Annette Bening has actually been a man all these years.)

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