Malicious Gossip for April 29, 2010

85460499 Malicious Gossip for April 29, 2010

What cushioned [lastfm]Amy Winehouse[/lastfm]’s fall?

You’re not going to believe it!  Read on!

Fresh Malicious Gossip from the Jim & Kim morning show…

Kelly Osbourne doesn’t mind getting dirty. Star magazine reports  her Dad, Ozzy, has been teaching his daughter about cars since he used to be a mechanic and she’s been changing the oil in her 1957 Chevy.

(Here’s a shocker, did you know Ozzie Osbourne just got his drivers license. He passed his road test when he was able to successfully parallel park…next to the Mars Rover…on Mars!)

Tom Cruise is not going to be happy about a new Scientology book. Star magazine reports Amy Scobee, a former member of the Church, has written a book talking about Tom’s involvement and the rumors of his sexual orientation and even a sex tape.

(Ok, we can almost put up with a sex tape, just no more couch abuse, PLEASE!)

And finally, AMY WINEHOUSE is suffering from a serious case of “girls gone wild.” reports she had a rough night out on the town when she took a spill after being seriously “over served.” The diagnosis isn’t too bad –just a few bruised ribs, a bump on the noggin and a cut about her eye. She did land right on her new implants.

(Which immediately imploded, which is why she has such big ears just now.)

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