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This happens 19 million times a year. Is anyone really surprised? I know how to fix it.

In yesterday’s Daily News, we learned all about how the MTA loses about $27 million a year because of their cutbacks.

Isn’t it sad when people lose jobs because their employer thinks they will save money as a result…..and it ends up costing them more? In the MTA’s case however, they created the problem themselves.

I remember as a kid, long before Metrocard, having to flash my train pass and get beeped in to go to and from school. I can’t tell you how many times a token clerk would hassle me for no reason, causing me to miss trains….even flat out REFUSING to let me in.

I think they had a running joke where they would demand to read the train pass. Like they needed to know my name, address, and phone number when it’s an official MTA pass issued only by schools. Each month was a different color. How could we cheat them? Meanwhile I’m totally missing the 6 while you waste everyone’s time. Not like there were long lines of people waiting to buy tokens EVERY DAY….oh right, there were. Every day.

This was baffling to me. I was going to SCHOOL. I didn’t want to go to school, and this person in a bulletproof booth was screaming at me about it and delaying me???

When that happened, this happened:

oldschool jump Free advice for the MTA

No, that’s not me. He looks a bit like Borat…..or Freddie Mercury though, doesn’t he? I just wanted an excuse to put up an old-school turnstile photo.

Yes, as a kid just trying to attend high school, I sailed over the turnstiles quite a few times. To think my teachers called me “unmotivated”.

As an adult, I have engaged in screaming matches with several token clerks. I have seen this happen frequently over the years to countless people. It’s infuriating when someone in a bulletproof booth wants to fight you for no reason. Not a fair fight, and they win every time.

My point is that the most miserable people on the planet were in those booths.

With the exception of a few good employees, most of them were rude, lacked knowledge, and flat out DID NOT CARE about their job. When their job was eliminated, they wondered why.

The few who remain in the booths to this day mumble incoherently into the mic when asked a simple question. You’d think their job was to irritate people.

Here’s the solution: DO WHAT THE YANKEES DID.

In OLD Yankee Stadium, people like me (in the cheap seats) were treated like dirt. Garbage.

One time I was served a beer that tasted like what I would imagine the Hudson River tastes like. It took several innings to get them to replace it.

When NEW Yankee Stadium opened last season, the entire attitude changed. The Yanks hired what they call “ambassadors” holding signs saying “How may I help you?” and planted them EVERYWHERE. Not a single one of these people was rude to me last season (I go to about 20 games a year).

We’ll see if that continues soon enough as their second season in the beautiful new ballpark is weeks away.

Believe me…..there are plenty of people who need work, and WANT to work. The MTA could solve this problem very easily, and it would cost A LOT less than $27 million a year. Just having helpful, friendly employees could change the face of the MTA, while eliminating a major criminal element.


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