penn station today Penn Station truly is a mess

Why is Penn Station such a confusing mess?

Check out an interesting article that sheds some light on the situation….

Unlike Grand Central, which is a beautifully maintained landmark, elegant, and dare I say CLEAN, Penn Station is the exact opposite.

It’s disgusting, really. I hope you never have to be there very late at night.

I recently attempted to date a Jersey girl (it did not end well, for reasons I only WISH I could blog about because it’s CRAZY entertaining—but WAAAAAAAAY inappropriate), and found myself stunned at what is tolerated in that place by police who obviously can only do what they are told.

Getting back to the main point—Penn Station was doomed when the city made the ludicrous decision to destroy it in 1963. I like seeing a concert at the Garden, but would it really have been so bad if they built it a couple of blocks away?

So instead of this:

old penn station1 Penn Station truly is a mess

We have THIS:

pennstationblah Penn Station truly is a mess

Frustrating for sure.

But I digress.

Click here for the article I mentioned.


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