Friends for Life

Let’s talk about YOU.  How’s THAT for a concept!  Most people seem to lose sight of that.  It’s a “me, me, me” world we live in, don’t you agree? If you can only imagine the magnitude of what’s given to us, here at FRESH 102.7, … we are allowed to represent CBS Radio, with our verbal opinions and heartfelt thoughts- right here! Center stage!  

Being a radio personality, here in NYC, is such a gift… one that should not be taken lightly, for sure.  So let me not waste any of your time with ‘frivolous banter’.  Let’s be REAL.  Let’s talk about what REALLY MATTERS.

Friendship.  Even our closest friends, don’t get it right, at times.  We spend so much time thinking about what we’re Supposed to be doing, or Not,… that we miss the entire point!  We get lost in the ‘political correctness’ of life.

We’re women.  We set the bar.  We set the bar for each other,… our children, and guess who else is listening? The MEN in our lives.  They Smile, in appreciation, ’cause they know, ‘we got it goin’ on!’  When they attach themselves to us?…

‘there ain’t no chance’ of EVER, …Driftin’ Away….’

Write me.  I want to hear from YOU…my ‘FRIEND’.


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