howard Jay Leno=EPIC FAIL

I was delighted to hear that the King of All Media was going to be on the CBS Early Show this morning for the sole purpose of badmouthing Jay Leno.

“Just the mere mention of Jay Leno’s name makes me want to vomit,” said Howard Stern.

He is not alone.

Now that Jay’s true colors have shown, even more so than when he stole The Tonight Show from Johnny Carson heir apparent David Letterman, many people have opened their eyes to what Leno is all about.

That Oprah interview didn’t help his cause either! Talk about disingenuous.

Howard explained better than anyone else why Jay is a “lapdog” and completely ruthless.

CBS Early Show host Harry Smith agreed with Howard’s sentiments, drawing a parallel to something anyone can understand: “If you don’t make partner, you’re supposed to leave and go to another firm.”

That’s right.

It’s all very simple: If you are mistreated by your employer, and you have the power to write your own ticket anywhere else, and bring your own people, and do your thing….why would you stick around to be manipulated and abused….and in the process be destructive towards others?


Howard Stern taught NBC a lesson in the ’80’s after being fired from WNBC-AM radio. He moved on to 92.3 K-Rock and dominated the ratings (here in NYC and syndicated in up to 65 or so other cities across the country) for 20 years. I was lucky enough to call him a co-worker for just over seven years. Best radio experience of my life.

David Letterman taught NBC a lesson in the ’90’s after being denied “The Tonight Show.” He not only makes a ton of money for CBS, he owns his own show (and the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson).

Here in 2010, Conan O’Brien is teaching them a lesson by LEAVING after being mistreated. Not to mention whipping his fans up into a frenzy with the scandal of it all. He will do very well wherever he lands.

Thanks Howard, I was waiting for a good reason to blog about you on the Fresh site!

Here’s more if you want it.


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