images I HATE SHOPPING!I took three of my girls shopping. I was thrilled to hear the music being piped in was FRESH 102.7!  My 16 year old is standing by the dressing room wearing a shirt she wants me to see.  It’s a tight fitting shirt, and she still has on her baggy sweatpants. I tell her, go over there, (to the left) pull down the pants, so I can see how the shirt really will look!  She steps to the left, pulls down her pants and out walks a Man from the Men’s Dressing room! She stands there and without missing a beat, with her pants down around her ankles, she says, “uhh… and that would be the Mens dressing room you sent me to?”

I’m telling you I almost peed in my pants! I was laughing so hard, I was doubled over.  BIG SIGN above Both our heads that reads, ” MENS DRESSING ROOM.” ‘Apples surely don’t fall far’… Hahahah!

Next event:  I’m in one dressing room, my 13 year old is in another.  She knocks on my door to show me the pants she’s tried on.  I open my door, and there we are wearing the same  pants!  Another ‘apple from the same tree…’

The last kid aged 12, brings $3.00 with her to go shopping, AND she was aggravated when she didn’t get CHANGE back!

These are the same girls, who I dropped off at Mandys, and when I went to pick them up later, they were all posing as mannequins in the front window!  What A TREAT to be the Mom!   😉


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