American Idle

tv31 American IdleI know there are a lot more reality TV shows to get addicted to besides Idol, but the time it takes to watch just that, and then to talk about it, is all I have the discipline for…  at least until they come up with a singing competition that involves cooking on a deserted island while dancing (on ice!)

But this year, it took just one live week to get annoyed…  America, you voted off one of the only singers that made me look forward to what he or she was going to sing next week.  Grr.  I don’t want to name names.  Oh, and the big mystery of how Tim suddenly got called back onto the show?  Maybe I was the only one who missed the story about that Chris guy having a recording contract and getting booted off.

Anyway. here’s what all this is leading up to: did you ever wonder how people actually got ON those shows?  And no, it’s not just about talent.

Would you believe there’s a real Reality TV School right here in New York City?  Really!

The Founder and Principal offers some really interesting tips on how to “be real.”  Next time you’re snowed in (could be any day, the way this winter is going) check out the video clips.


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