Fresh take on the American Idol Girls!

untitled 41 Fresh take on the American Idol Girls!

I know, I know… most won’t admit that they love the show… but I DO!!!  Having been a former singer, traveling with bands, writing recording, it gives me an appreciation of raw talent when I get the chance to see it!  Also gives me the ‘goosebumps’ when I realize the opportunity that is given to these kids.  Just love it!

My thoughts from last night’s show are:

Katelyn sang beautifully but was way too safe for what the show is calling for.

Crystal is so ‘earthy, real and just downright Fantastic!’  Her cause to win, is endearing as well, saying she’s doing it to give her son a better life.

Siobhan, strong singer, loved the fact that she asked, “What does it mean to be called a ‘dark horse?’ Hahah!  Innocence is so refreshing!

Lilly, just a dream with originality.  Exactly what the show is looking for.

The biggest shock for me, was the judges negative reactions to Haely Vaughn.  When she finished singing her version of  the much played out, “I wanna Hold your Hand,” I turned to my husband and said, “THAT could be released as a single tomorrow.”  It had everything America looks for- originality, sincerity, creative, great voice, innocence,  a great look… and the girl is 16 years old!  What better American Idol could there be for our daughters???

Considering I made my living from singing and writing for almost 20 years, prior to radio, I know chops when I hear chops. In MY opinion- the judges were WRONG.  She and Lilly and Crystal stole the show.

Can’t wait for tonight!!!


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