Haircut Horror Story?

haircut Haircut Horror Story?

I get my hair cut at a tiny barber shop on East 9th street. Usually it’s irritation-free……but today was a little different.

My favorite barber shop is fantastic.

It gets great reviews from prominent publications, the price is right, and they give you a great cut surprisingly fast.

Before work today I walked in and found every seat taken. Mind you, this place is small TINY.

Four guys were getting their hair cut, and three people were sitting in the waiting area (which is a BENCH).

Between the three humans on the bench there were a few bags, magazines, and a jacket or two.

As I walked in and saw all of this, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Nobody looked up, let alone tried to make space for me on the waiting bench. I thought to myself…..”do I stand outside in the cold? Or remain standing up against the door?”

Yes, it’s that tiny in there. I could not move. I chose to stand there, frozen like a deer caught in headlights. I didn’t feel like saying “anyone want to pick up their jacket so I can sit?” I figured why bother, I don’t like sitting next to animals like that on the subway either.

Surprisingly, when a chair opened up, not a single person stood up from the bench. I was next. This amused me too. Who are these people? Barber groupies? Or is there a buddy system now for when you get a haircut in a tiny shack?

A few minutes into the haircut, I heard the dude in the next chair telling his barber about how he was just getting over the flu, and that he had been sick for two weeks.


As if by fate, my barber then sneezed. I could only hope that he sneezed into his arm…my eyes are closed and I try to enter a trance-like state during haircuts, so I had no way of knowing where the sneeze was aimed. I’m hoping like crazy it wasn’t sprayed all over my head.

All of a sudden, Lynryd Skynrd came on the radio.

At this point I had to practically bite my tongue to keep from bursting out laughing at this perfect storm of barber shop irritation.

Got any amusing haircut stories? I want to hear them! Comment below.


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