shhh Sometimes, we must be Careful of what we Wish for 

In this society of high divorce statistics, when we see a couple that has grown old together, it’s more of an oddity, than a daily occurance!  Don’t you wonder to yourself, “What did they do, to make it last? What’s their secret?”  Other things that might go through your head are, “I wonder if they ever Cheated! Did they feel they had no choice but to stay together?” 

We have so many more options open to us in this generation, it’s almost considered to be ‘settling,’ if you stay together and aren’t 100% happy.  Don’t you, as a woman, worry about what it might be like to be alone, if we walk away from our spouses? 

I know we dream, fantasize and wonder… but where’s the fine line between fantasy and what we’re REALLY capable of doing?  It seems that line becomes thinner and thinner, with every new twist and turn in the road. 

Three lines of thinking! One: Stay together for your children, just like your parents may have!  Two: Why be ‘fake’ in front of the kids, so that they’ll grow up and think ‘fake’ is the way it’s supposed to be?  Three:  Cheat! and pray to GOD yu’ don’t get caught!  Here’s a true story!


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