This Note, is regarding the Recession.

robin 303 This Note, is regarding the Recession.

I posted this short paragraph on Facebook, and this was the response that many contributed.

Can I just say this? To all of us that have lost our jobs, due to downsizing… or plain old, ‘doing what the boss says, so I gotta’ letcha’ go-isms’… do NOT for ONE SECOND, think you deserved it! The world has tilted. Hold on. You Have Talent. It’s just where you PLACE your talent, that counts right now. Be Selective. You have the Right.

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Don Hallett I love the sentiment

Jaymie Gordon Thanks Robin—You couldn’t have said that at a better time

Laura Liles Thanks for the encouragement.

Robin Marshall It is the TRUTH. I’m not trying to make anyone feel better. We have been ripped, torn, and shredded. I have seen and talked with men and women that were the BOMBS, that then had the rugs pulled out. FACTS are FACTS. You had to be known as the BOMB for a reason. They wouldn’t have paid you, otherwise. They just didn’t have the wherewithall to hold on to you.
This has become a learning curve. We can Grow from this. We can even take charge of our own futures! Tru Dat! If we were on the air, we can still ‘talk’ to people, mentor people, use our words to make a difference. If we were in management? Trust me! If we can manage creative artsy people like US? We can manage ANYONE! We have advantages, is all I’m saying….

Jaymie Gordon yeah but it’s still good to hear it–when it is so dry out there and competitive, good things are not heard often

Robin Marshall we all have to know, that we are only a phone call away. We also must share a common secret- night time is the Worst time. Even our partners, husbands, wives, etc…can’t understand the pain, if they haven’t been in our shoes.
It’s a recession that’s hit everyone, yes, but what ’s different on our end, is that even if we are in the management end of this industry, we’ve been touched by ‘art’ every day for years! How do you replace that? Art is an acquired taste! Just channel it elsewhere. You’ll be the new ‘push the envelope guy’ in a different industry, perhaps! LOL! The eccentric one! It’s good! We can take people to new levels. Outside the box thinking is what we need. In RADIO and in everyday life.

Dan Schultz thanks Robin, it’s truly hard some days to keep my head up some days getting rejected replying to job after job. I know my first real job is out there it’s just uncovering it is the hard part to use my talents.

Bob MacKay Robin, are you out? Did I miss something?

Gary Elberg You’re tellin ME the world has tilted?

Tony Hayes Robin…Well said. It’s easy to play the blame game, get down, angry and so on. Anger by the way is the most wasted emotion! Positive attitude is what it takes. If we think about yesterday and worry about tomorrow, we miss all the great things that happen TODAY! If you’re out of a radio gig, believe me I feel your pain. But, think of the times that you were out before. Hasn’t it always turned into something better? This time it will as well.

Robin Marshall I don’t want to misrepresent myself here. I use the term “We” because I am empathizing, having been in the situation of format flips, downsizing, etc.” I am fortunate -still- to have a job, but I’m wanting you all to know that there are people like me out there that are willing to help, that will keep our ears open for you. I know you would do the same for me!

Mark Vanness This year enjoy the fact you don’t have to miss the second half of the Super Bowl because you have to get up at 3:30a the next morning! Yeah!!!

Michael Dalfonzo Robin, your attitude is wonderful. We all need to look out for each other and help each other whenever we can. If you are fortunate enough to still be working reach out to your friends we are not. Sometimes all that is needed is an encouraging word. If you’re on the beach, believe in yourself. Don’t lose sight of your worth and keep at it. Persistence pays, the next call could be the one that makes it all happen.

Bill Harman Been out 26 months now and I’m going where there is no path and leaving a trail. As many times as you get knocked down, make sure you get up again. Here’s a short video from called Finish Strong.

Robin Marshall THAT is an AMAZING video!!! Please, ALL- watch it!!!

Robin Marshall someone very wise, just said this to me yesterday on the phone, “when you reach for the stars, it’s rare that you end up with a handful of mud.”

Michael Dalfonzo You are right, it is an inspiring video. It is so important to keep surrounding yourself with positive stuff.

Joel Denver True words Robin! You have a terrific attitude, and you never give up. Attitude is everything!

Matthew Baker Very well said Robin.

Robin Marshall Guys- this man has ridden many a roller coaster with me, and talked me off many a ledge! Trust HIM. He is the KING of ATTITUDE! Keep the faith and reach out when you need. We are all friends, we have all been fired at one point, and we all know the heartache. POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!! Watch that video that Bill included above.

Jonathan Weitz Where’s the “LOVE IT” button when you need it?

Chris Corley a job? what’s that?

Jerry Stern Been on the beach over 4 years, still not giving up. Attitude is the KEY. Stay positive, it’s all good.

Cleveland Wheeler give me 5 “selected” companies that actually want talent.
Most only want drones

Brian Pearl Thanks Robin. I needed to hear that. I have been unemployed for sixteen months now. It’s even more frustrating when you get rejection letters for jobs you know you are weil qualified for.

Anastasia Lewis I just wanted to say that you are SO right Robin. I am luckily still employed however I have seen ALLOT OF VERY TALENTED people laid off. I KNOW that these people are talented and yet they were let go. My heart breaks. Everything has changed. Our industry will never be the same again. We must look to the future with an open mind and a ability to re channel our creativity and get someone to pay us for it!

Jerryl Bell For many companies business takes precedent over TALENT and its unfortunate because its TALENT that enhances the business..and some companies don’t get it. But YES we all must remain positive, selective and believe in a HIGHER POWER to make it through.

Anastasia Lewis My higher power has never taken away a set of keys without giving me a new set of keys. I belive strongley that if I can help anyone when I can I do. We need each other more than ever now to make it through this.

Chris Corley I prefer Solar Power.

Anastasia Lewis LMAO! Whatever works for ya!

Larry Wachs I take comfort in blaming the Bushes, the Clintons, Obama, Reagan, Ford, Carter, Nixon, LBJ, and the Kennedys…even the retarded one.

Robin Marshall Eyes open- hands open- hearts open- MIND open. That’s the key to future success. If you can do those things, for someone ELSE- you are a success, and it always comes back.
What WONDERFUL posts you’ve all added to this!!!

Robin Marshall I’m going to copy and paste this when it’s all done, and send it out as a NOTE. Anybody here mind? I also want to post it on my blog page. You all had such great things to say!

Ed Chandler Right On! Preach it sister!

L.A. Lanier Amen to that Robin.

Robin Marshall Good! We need to come up with a title for the note! Something that will encourage all of our other  friends to read it for encouragement. Suggestions?

Tim Hartman What I’ve noticed in myself…and one of the reasons I got into radio is that I can never settle for the ordinary. I have been on the beach for a bit, but finally got an interview and things may be looking up. Bottom line is the down time let me cultivate passions in activism and writing that I didn’t know were so strong. Radio people are … See Morecreative and if you find yourself out of a gig…look for that other passion that’s inside. Hope that didn’t sound cliche, but it’s a great opportunity to expand yourself in a climate where we all need to be knowledgeable in many different areas.
We’ll call it- “Hold on and Believe- Talent wins out in the end.”


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