Josh is psyched to be a member of the Fresh team and to be a part of a radio station that plays such amazing music. Born and raised in New York, Josh spent a large part of his childhood imitating disc jockeys on the radio in his bedroom. The only problem was his “broadcast” didn’t reach any actual listeners, unless you count his parents who told him to stop playing games and to concentrate on his homework. Over time, he was able to get on some very “low budget” stations by suggesting he had significant experience. He also had many examples of his broadcast work from his “show” from his bedroom.

A fan of all types of music, his musical tastes have sometimes been called random and all over the place and putting Josh’s Ipod on shuffle may not be for the faint of heart. Purely an amateur, Josh also studied classical piano and violin for many years and participated in a number of competitions in the area.

Josh travels frequently and lived in London for a couple of years. He tried to get on the radio there but was told his “accent” would be a distraction. He is a big fan of trying new types of food and loves Indian, Italian and Argentinian cuisines. The good part is he likes many different types of food. The bad part is he knows absolutely nothing about cooking and his cooking ability ends after adding milk to a bowl of cereal. It’s been rumored that his cleaning lady once told him she was aware of his lack of cooking because most normal people sometimes require the microwave to be cleaned. But, not his microwave.

Josh is single and still seeking that elusive girl. Way too picky, he likely needs to lower his standards or alter his approach. For now, he’s enjoying the life of a bachelor in the city and keeping it Fresh.


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