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Texas may have been known for their sports teams, hot weather and cowboys; but here in New York it’s the young lady Heather Walters that represents the Lone Star state.  Heather was born and raised in Houston Texas, and despite being a little girl in a big state, she stood out among the rest.  While in college at Abilene Christian University, a professor noticed Heathers pleasant voice and suggested she join the school radio station.   She was a sophomore at the time, and with the professors’ compliment and recommendation, Heather found herself a part of the on-air staff within a short time.   It was not an even a year later when a local radio station requested Heather and her gifted voice as their midday host.  Gaining real hands on experience and the ability to hone her new craft, Heather remained there until she graduated three years later.

Originally Heather intended to pursue a news career, not as the life of an eyewitness news reporter but more so a life as a reporter for US Weekly.  Recognizing she wanted a career she enjoyed, and having had the opportunity to work in radio, Heather soon changed her career goals to become the entertaining ‘voice of Heather Walters’.  Leaving her no regret, fresh out of college in 1999 Heather was hired to once again entertain the work day crowd as a midday host in Houston.   Having received a blessing with a position that most radio jocks work years for, Heather strived to make the best of it.  It wasn’t long before her charisma and recognizable voice landed her a seat on the stations morning show which is where she remained until a fresh opportunity presented itself.

In February of 2007, Heather Walters made it to the big city with the big lights to join the listeners of Fresh 102.7 in getting through the work week.   “Being a Texas girl, I never thought about leaving the Lone Start State, but I couldn’t pass up this dream job; it’s the opportunity everyone in radio hopes for,” Heather states.  Although a stranger to New York, Heather has quickly adapted to the affection New Yorkers have for bagels, donuts, and iced coffee and is dreadfully learning to cope with the lack of elbow room in New York.  Aside from what New York had added and taken away from the life that Heather once knew, she wouldn’t trade one day to be anywhere other than on air with her Fresh listeners.  Heather loves music, and having an afternoon filled with great people and great music makes her week go by.  “It is nice that CBS recognized that a whole generation of women had grown up and preferred their kind of music, not their momma’s.”

Heather has reached a point in her career that has allowed her to take on other dimensions.  Over the years she has become a voice-over talent for radio station imaging and commercials, and she is also working on some young adult fiction books that she soon hopes to get published.  However, Heather doesn’t get her bubbly personality from all work and no play.  Heather enjoys running, cycling, music, reading, Fox & Friends, reality shows, football, the WWE, Harry Potter, and she even learned to belly dance like Shakira just for the fun of it.  Heather is one to cry, laugh and be angry along with her favorite musicians, and although she loves all music from hip-hop to big band, Rock is her favorite.   On the weekend if she’s not jamming to her favorite artists Snow Patrol or Dave Matthews Band, she is with her husband and her dogs Timber and Poe.   However, that is when she is not on her personal journey to find Tex-Mex food that is as yummy in New York as it is back home in Texas.

Now that Heather is an official New Yorker, you can find her out and about New York City at the movies, shopping, checking out a new restaurant, maybe a football game, cycling the roads, at the gym, or you may even spot her at a pug picnic with Timber. “I like to keep our listeners feeling good.  I want to give them the information they need, without getting in their way.  I want to help them smile, even through the toughest of days.”  Heather’s a show you don’t want to miss.  You can hang out with Heather on Fresh 102.7 every weekday from 10am-3pm.


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