When you’re working late, or finally stepping out of the office there’s no one better to entertain you than the bubbly personality of Brandi.  Brandi is the voice you hear weeknights on Fresh 102.7, the lady that keeps you rocking and laughing all evening long.  Born and raised fifteen minutes from New York in Bergen County, New Jersey Brandi was in touch with the heart of New York her entire life, and she brings that same heart to the airwaves everyday.

Brandi started out in radio as a college student.  While trying to decide upon a career and unsure about the choice of journalism, someone suggested she check out the campus radio station.  Brandi didn’t find it hard at all to select radio once she realized that she could get paid to do what she loved best; talk.  Even better, not only did she love talking, she was good at it.

Some people love their jobs because they don’t have to be bothered with people all day, Brandi however is just the opposite.  Brandi loves the opportunity to speak with so many interesting people on a daily basis.  Aside from talking to the listeners, she loves the music and the thrill from being in the studio.  Enjoying all the aspects of her day, what Brandi gets the most pleasure from is to know that she made people’s day by playing their favorite songs.  As a music lover, Brandi can relate to the good feeling from hearing good tunes.  Brandi enjoys all types of music, but she especially enjoys Rock and Pop.  Christina Aguilera, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Matchbox 20, DMB, O.A.R, and Justin Timberlake are just a few of her favorite artists; most of which she hears everyday on air at Fresh 102.7.

Never having strayed too far from home throughout her career, Brandi is a city girl and she loves everything about the lifestyle.  She loves the entertainment, the food, the people and the ability to see things that you will never see anywhere else. Although she’s not too peachy on the parking, Brandi wouldn’t give up her life in New York for anything in the world.  Brandi spends six days a week on the airwaves enjoying conversations with the people of New York.  When she isn’t on air, she is usually out with her best friends shopping, dining and other typical girly stuff.  Listeners have spotted Brandi usually hanging out a new city spot; she enjoys finding something new everyday. As a self proclaimed shop-a-holic Brandi knows there is no place like New York!

Brandi’s second love aside from music is animals.  She has worked in an animal hospital for the last eight years part time, and if she wasn’t a DJ she would want to be a Veterinarian.   Having the opportunity to work with passion, Brandi is always a happy person to be around and she exudes that on her show.  “I love to have fun.  I am so happy when I walk through the studio door and I keep it going the entire time that I am here.”  Another reason Brandi remains happy while at work is because she never wears shoes in the studio.  This tradition started some time ago although no one including Brandi knows why or when.  So on any given day when you hear Brandi on air know that she is barefoot and she may just have her silent co-host with her, her Chihuahua Jersey.  You can catch Brandi on Fresh 102.7 every weekday from 8p-Midnight and Saturday’s from 11am-3pm!


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